Angel's Egg 1985 Mamoru Oshii

As a way of introducing you to some amazing people working in the fields of artist moving image, experimental film and alternative cinema, we have concocted a short questionnaire. Today we speak to film critic and collage-artist Nikola Gocić.
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TEN YEARS IN THE SUN, Rouzbeh Rashidi, 2015

By Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais.

Rouzbeh Rashidi is a prolific experimental filmmaker based in Ireland, founder of the Experimental Film Society and champion of underground and experimental films from around the world. His latest film Ten Years In The Sun is an epic cinematic journey through mysterious landscapes and environments populated by enigmatic characters who move and speak as if under hypnosis. Like a fragmented transmission from another dimension the film feels as if it has been created by an alien race in a language that we can follow and feel our way through but never fully comprehend, it speaks to us through our senses, beyond the confines of the intellect and resonating through our bones. This is not a film of statements, it is a glorious world that is to be entered and experienced, a foreign land through which we are invited to wander. But even though I call this film alien it has elements that are familiar to us, stylistic moments that bring to mind science fiction, b-movies, horror films and detective stories. While watching one can tune into this world, it speaks in another language but some of the words are the same, the common ground is the language of cinema.  Continue reading “INTERVIEW: ROUZBEH RASHIDI”