Mad Love Jeff Keen

By Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais. Originally published in Film Panic Magazine, issue 1, June 2013 

As a child, Jeff Keen’s daughter Stella performed in her father’s films alongside her mother Jackie and the troupe of players that regularly got involved in the home-made movie extravaganzas. It was from her father that she received her stage name Stella Starr, which she uses to this day. Later she collaborated with her father behind the camera, helping with the shooting of his films. More recently, she has been working on archiving Jeff’s epic output of paintings, drawings and artworks, much of which has been hidden away for years in his home behind other piles of artworks, books, and collections of magazines and toys. Stella has kindly taken the time to talk to us about her father, his art and the wonderful things she has been doing to bring his work to the world. Continue reading “INTERVIEW: STELLA STARR”